9 Quote di Drama Korea Ghost Doctor Episode 9-10

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Ghost Doctor Episode 9
Ghost Doctor Episode 9

Jika sebelumnya, kamu sudah membaca artikel menarik tentang Quote di Drama Korea Ghost Doctor Episode 7-8. Tak kalah menarik, di episode 9-10 juga banyak kata-kata mutiara yang bisa menambah pengetahuan kamu. Khususnya mengenai dokter dan pasiennya.

Bagi kamu yang penasaran dengan quote apa saja yang ada di episode tersebut. Berikut ini Bapermulu.com menyajikannya untukmu. Ingat hanya untuk kamu pembaca setia.

I was special since I was born, so people can’t attack me freely.
But when a penniless intern suddenly becomes a genius…
and people think he’s special, the world doesn’t let you be, does it?
-Go Seung Tak-

That’s why you should continue to be a doctor…
whether you wake up or die. Be a doctor until that day.
And be a warm-hearted doctor like that intern if you can.
-Go Seung Tak-

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Ghost Doctor Episode 9
Ghost Doctor Episode 9

You see, when you get older,
you can see through people.
That’s how you become a good judge of character.
-Ms. Kim-

I’m sorry for asking a doctor who does great things…
to do something trivial like this.
But consider it a gift for this old man on his deathbed.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

Se Jin.
You’ve always been…
my precious daughter whom I cherished.
I’m sorry that I couldn’t express my feelings completely to you.
Thank you for staying by my side during my final moment.
I love you.
-Chairman Jang Kwang Deok-

A doctor can wait for a patient,
but a patient never waits for a doctor.
-Go Seung Tak-

Untuk Episode 10 sendiri tak kalah menarik, selain ceritanya yang semakin mengerucut. Banyak juga quote di Drama Korea Ghost Doctor Episode 10.

You said you’re not a psychopath.
You said I’m an asset to the hospital.
If you know that, you’d better not think of harming me.
You need me to get up to make you more money.
Here’s a warning.
-Cha Young Min-

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People really don’t change.
Especially evil scumbags. That lowlife.
-Cha Young Min-

Everyone has a story they bury in their hearts.

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