20 Quote Drakor All of Us Are Dead, Dari Makna Sahabat Sampai Penghianat

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Drakor All of Us Are Dead
Drakor All of Us Are Dead

Dalam Drakor All of Us are Dead, Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Jo Yi Hyun, Park, Solomon dan aktor lainnya.Drama ini di adaptasi dari webcomic “Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun” oleh Joo Dong-Geun. Bagi kamu yang sudah menontonnya di Netfix, tentu saja banyak yang membuatmu terkejut dengan alur ceritanya.

Informasi Seputar Drakor All of Us Are Dead

Drama: All of Us Are Dead (English title) / Now at Our School (literal title)
Hangul: 지금 우리 학교는 (Jigeum Woori Hakkyoneun)
Director: Lee Jae-Kyu, Kim Nam-Soo
Writer: Joo Dong-Geun (webcomic), Chun Sung-Il
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 12
Release Date: January 28, 2022
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Berikut Ini 20 Quote Drakor All of Us Are Dead, Dari Makna Sahabat Sampai Penghianat.

Drakor All of Us Are Dead
Drakor All of Us Are Dead

1. Whether you’re rich or poor, got good grades or bad, you’re all equal in accidents. Grades aren’t important. Being safe and healthy is. -Nam So Ju-

2. he textbook says a virus is not an independent living organism. Whether or not something is an independent living organism doesn’t depend on its metabolism, but its will to survive. If it has such a strong will… the instinct to survive surpasses intelligence. The ecosystem is eventually dominated by that will. Humanity has never once defeated a virus. -Lee Byeong Chan-

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3. A survival will that has evolved and been passed down is the only thing that makes a person or animal
an independent living thing. -Lee Byeong Chan-

4. All of us have some sort of prejudice. We all have preconceptions about other people. -Choi Nam Ra-

5. My mom made me classroom president by donating to the school. That’s why no one considers me the classroom president. So why must I act like it? -Choi Nam Ra-

6. No matter what happens, don’t die. And don’t let anyone else die. If you cause someone else to die, living becomes meaningless. -Park Sun Hwa-

7. I told you no one would come. No one cares about this school. If they did, they would’ve saved us sooner. Would’ve saved us from being bullied. -Min Eun Ji-

8. I know you actually want to live. I know that you’re dying to live. Why are you blaming me? -Kim Cheol Soo-

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9. People can change their minds. Shut it and stand up. -Yoo Joon Sung-

10. “It happens.” “Kids fight. They were bullied because they deserved it.” Those who thought that and shunned them made this world what it is! -Lee Byeong Chan-

11. Please stop acting like human trash. No one respects you just because you act tough. -Lee Cheong San-

12. In some countries, they are sadder when adults die than when children die. And in others, they are sadder when children die. -Choi Nam Ra-

13. When kids die, you lose hope. When adults die, you lose their wisdom. -Oh Joon Yeong-

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14. People with important information need to survive. -Jeon Ho Cheol-

15. Falling from the third floor won’t hurt as much as failing to get into college. -Park Mi Jin-

16. Assholes fighting to stay alive and coming at you hoping to die are impossible to beat. -Song Jae Il-

17. A virus must have a consistent pattern for a vaccine to be made. -Lee Byeong Chan-

18. Don’t calculate how many we’ll kill. Think only about how many we’ll save. -Jin Seon Mu-

19. Don’t die a meaningless death. If we run now, we can all live. We have enough time. -Choi Nam Ra-

20. I’ve been killing zombies, too, but a human being would apologize for killing her brother in front of her. -Park Mi Jin-

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