15 Quote di Drakor A Business Proposal, Bikin Semangat dan Baper Jua

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Quote di Drakor A Business Proposal
Quote di Drakor A Business Proposal

Melihat antuasis pecinta drama korea, sungguh Drakor A Business Proposal menjadi perbincangan hangat warga net. Selain di bintangi oleh aktor dan aktris papan atas Korea. Alur cerita yang menarik dan ringan menjadi daya tarik utamanya. Untuk sinopsis a business proposal sudah pernah di kupas oleh kami ya.

Bagi kamu yang sudah menonton drama ini sampai dengan episode ke 2, pasti sudah tak asing lagi dengan quote ini. Berikut ini 15 Quote di Drakor A Business Proposal, Bikin Semangat dan Baper Jua.

1. Rather than getting wrinkles from working overtime, isn’t going on a blind date with a wealthy guy more productive? – Shin Ha Ri –

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2. To marry a woman who dates as many men as she likes? – Cha Sung Hun –

3. You should marry someone that you love – Cha Sung Hun-

4. You miss them even when they’re right there with you, and your heart flutters when you think about them. – Cha Sung Hun-

5. I don’t want to cling to mere emotion. And wasting time on blind dates is even worse. – Kang Tae Mu –

6. If he wants to marry you even after the crazy act I pulled, I’m sure he’s after your family. -Shin Ha Ri-

7. People who have it all are always the ones who want more. His family’s much wealthier than mine. -Jin Young Seo-

8. I’m not planning to marry you. How can I marry someone I’ve only met once? -Shin Ha Ri-

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9. Ballads relieve stress better. By expressing how it feels to love -Jin Young Seo-

10. Don’t you know that it’s a crime to use someone else’s name and identity? -Kang Tae Mu-

11. Now that you’ve cleaned and cooked, do you feel less stressed? You sure have a weird way of de-stressing. -Cha Sung Hun-

12. You pretended to be another person. You deliberately wasted someone’s precious time for your own benefit. If that’s not a scam, what is it? -Kang Tae Mu-

13. Whether it’s in real life or on television, why is it so hard to get married, these days? -Kang Da Koo-

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14. Rich people will always stick together. There might be a merger. -Kevin-

15. Stop making excuses and keep your promise! -Kang Da Koo-

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