20 Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice, Dari Kisah Nyata Sampai Sedih

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Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice
Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice

Dalam Drama Juvenile Justice, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Mu Yeol, Lee Sung Min, dan Lee Jung Eun membintangi. Mulai tanggal 25 Februari 2022 hingga 10 episode sekaligus di Netflix. Berikut Kami ini  Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice dengan pemeran dan sinopsisnya.

Infomrasi Drama

Drama: Juvenile Justice (English tilte) / Juvenile Judgement (literal title)
Revised romanization: Sonyeonsimpan
Hangul: 소년심판
Director: Hong Jong-Chan
Writer: Kim Min-Seok
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 10
Release Date: February 25, 2022

Sinopsis Drama Korea Juvenile Justice

Anak di bawah umur yang melakukan kejahatan yang lebih kejam dan kejam biasanya tidak mendapatkan hukuman yang terlalu berat bagi mereka. Sim Eun Seok (Kim Hye So) adalah seorang hakim yang sangat baik dalam apa yang dia lakukan.

Dia tampaknya tidak terlalu ramah kepada orang-orang. Dia membenci penjahat remaja. Sim Eun Seok ditugaskan di pengadilan remaja setempat. Di sana, dia melanggar tradisi dan menghukum orang dengan caranya sendiri.

Pemeran Utama Drama Korea Juvenile Justice

Kim Hye Soo Sebagai Shim Eun Seok
Kim Mu Yeol Sebagai Cha Tae Joo
Lee Sung Min Sebagai Kang Won Joong
Lee Jung Eun Sebagai Na Geun Hee

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20 Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice, Dari Kisah Nyata Sampai Sedih

Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice
Quote Drama Korea Juvenile Justice

1. Why is the judge involved even after the trial is over? I believe the purpose of Juvenile Law is to provide a structure where troubled kids can reform themselves and mature into better citizens. -Sim Eun Seok-

2. So these juvenile criminal cases go through collegiate court and the sentences are reported to Mr. Kang. Although protection cases are done separately and on specific days. -Cha Tae Ju-

3. Following up the kids after their release is one of the responsibilities of a Juvenile Court judge. You may not have overseen their cases, but they’re your responsibility, you know. -Cha Tae Ju-

4. When someone’s cornered, their true nature always comes out. That’s how we know how vicious humans can be. -Sim Eun Seok-

5. There are two main reasons why criminals usually hide their underlying intent. One reason is that it’s unfavorable to the criminal, and then the other is oftentimes because there’s another person involved. -Sim Eun Seok-

6. I guess it’s hard to predict. How things are gonna pan out. -Cha Tae Ju-

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7. It’s not like the juvenile division’s a very high status. Your work here won’t gain a lot of attention
when you open a law office later. -Cha Tae Ju-

8. If parents don’t make an effort, their children will never change. -Sim Eun Seok-

9. “The pain of a mother who lost her child is as severe as an internal splitting stomachache.” -Sim Eun Seok-

10. Young offenders are the ones who get punished. But sometimes, other people have to bear the crosses. -Sim Eun Seok-

11. And even without a reason, try to smile. Those things will bring you luck. -Sim Eun Seok-

12. No matter how many people make a false report, I still think it’s the court’s duty to look into it. -Cha Tae Ju-

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13. Even though the kids in the center are young, to people, they’re just criminals. -O Seon Ja-

14. There’s only one way to overcome the strong prejudice against them, taking the bull by the horns, volunteer work. -O Seon Ja-

15. People like you play a bigger role at the frontline than judges who meet the children for just two or three hours. -Sim Eun Seok-

16. Politics is all about presenting a good image. -Assemblyman Eom Jun Gi-

17. Right now, you should do everything you can to protect your son. -Assemblyman Eom Jun Gi-

18. There’s a saying, “Don’t steal a candle to read a Bible.” It means, if the way are corrupt, the purpose is, as well. -Sim Eun Seok-

19. I’m able to tolerate dumb judges, but not judges who are rude. -Na Geun Hee-

20. You should do it properly. I won’t accept a… half-assed apology. -Na Geun Hee-

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