25 Quote Drakor Through The Darkness, Dari Putus Asa Sampai Perjuangan

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Quote Drakor Through The Darkness
Quote Drakor Through The Darkness

Bagi kamu yang menyukai drama korea dengan genre serieal killer. Ada baiknya kamu harus menonton Drakor Through The Darkness. Drama yang tayang SBS ini sejak Januari 2022 silam ini mendapat rating 8,6 di MDL.

Sinopsis Drama Korea Through The Darkness

Kembali pada 1990-an, warga Seoul dicekam ketakutan yang melumpuhkan setelah serangkaian serangan brutal dan pembunuhan terjadi. Sosok misterius yang dijuluki ‘Topi Merah’ sedang membuntuti wanita di jalanan kemudian membunuh mangsanya, tampaknya tanpa provokasi.

Kebiasaannya menyerang secara acak membuat para detektif tidak mungkin memprediksi langkah selanjutnya. Di atas pikiran mereka adalah apa yang bisa memicu dia.

Sadar akan F.B.I. dan keberhasilannya menggunakan profiler kriminal untuk mengidentifikasi pembunuh berantai, kepala tim Analisis Perilaku Kriminal, Gook Young Soo merekrut Song Ha Young, mantan detektif yang pendiam, pendiam, dan sangat tanggap untuk timnya.

Gook percaya menggunakan metode psikologis baru ini akan memberi polisi keunggulan dalam menangkap ‘Topi Merah’ dan mengakhiri pembunuhannya. Lalu bagaimana kisah selanjutnya?

25 Quote Drakor Through The Darkness, Dari Putus Asa Sampai Perjuangan

1. “Science is making progress day by day. And there’s no perfect crime in this world. So you’ll never get away with this ” – Inspector Hayoung

2. “Do you think monsters are made or born?” – Inspector Hayoung

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“I’m not sure.” – Capt. Kook Youngsoo

3. “If such lives are already decided from the moment they’re born, it just seems too unfair and cruel.” – Inspector Hayoung

4. “Most murderers like him kill for pleasure.” – Inspector Hayoung

5. “Killing satisfies them so they can’t stop. They actually become bolder looking for bigger pleasures.” – Jung Wooju

6. “The killer isn’t after the money. If it’s not about money or personal grudges, there can only be one goal. Killing.” – Inspector Hayoung

7. “The deity is right next-door, but He won’t help. And I wanted to prove that. I was the one who decided that they would die or live.” – Criminal

8. “The Behavioral Analysis Team will become the stepping stone to the much needed reform of police investigations.” – Journalist

9. “There are always traces left at crime scenes. And every murderer leaves a trail. Their behaviors show us what their motives are and what they’re trying to achieve.” – Inspector Hayoung

10. “Do you blame your father?” – Inspector Hayoung

“I bet you have no idea what it’s like to live with a dad who threatens you with a hammer everytime he gets drunk.” – Criminal

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11. “I was wrong to expect that the devil would have feelings. He has no emotions. All he cares about is comforting himself and justifying his actions.” – Inspector Hayoung

12. “Normally, perpetrators look for dark spots to hide themselves.” – Capt. Kook Youngsoo

13. “And the victims were attacked from the front, not from behind.” – Inspector Hayoung

14. “In order for his anger to blow up, he should at least be in his early 30s to have enough social provocation.” – Inspector Hayoung

15. “People in their 20s tend to be more impulsive with their emotions. Perhaps that’s why their crimes are mostly random, without a plan or bringing changes into their MO.” – Inspector Hayoun

16. “Didn’t you hear such a childhood could cause you to become a serial killer? You see, the prison is full of them. People like me who have no one to lean on. People who are alone in this world.” – Criminal

17. “Don’t people like me all have the same story? An abusive father. And no one to lean. I had a miserable childhood.” – Criminal

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18. “I’m not here to interrogate you. I’m here to help you.” – Inspector Hayoung

19. “Everyone thinks I’m an idiot. Everyone hated me. Everywhere I went, I had to suffer and get beaten up.” – Criminal

20. “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.” – Captain Yoon

21. “If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” – Inspector Hayoung

22. “That’s why what children experience is so important. They accumulate things without even knowing. Of course, not everyone will become a criminal from a bad experience. But kids can’t manage situations themselves. In the case of Nam Ki-tae, he accumulated all of his repeated traumas. I think that influenced his character-building greatly.” – Capt. Kook Youngsoo

23. “What if, in order to break away from the negativity, he voluntarily assumed the role of a killer?” – Captain Yoon

24. “When I see the person dying in front of my eyes, flapping their arms and legs, my heart starts to race. That’s when I finally feel a little alive.” – Criminal

“This isn’t a job for the weak-minded.” – Captain Yoon

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