10+ Quote Drama Korea “Kill Heel”, Dari Dendam Sampai Sabar

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Drama Korea Kill Heel
Drama Korea Kill Heel

Drama Korea Kill Heel dibintangi oleh Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, dan Kim Sung Ryung. Drama ini beksisah  tentang pertempuran sengit antara tiga perempuan ambisius di dunia kompetitif jaringan Home Shopping.

Kim Ha Neul berperan sebagai pembawa acara Woo Hyun, yang berusaha keluar dari kehidupannya yang stagnan dengan menjadi pembawa acara teratas di UNI Home Shopping, sementara Lee Hye Young berperan sebagai eksekutif UNI Home Shopping Mo Ran.

15+ Quote Drama Korea “Kill Heel”, Dari Dendam Sampai Sabar

1. You only wear what you sell to sell it, don’t you? That’s what a lot of people think.” – Bae Ok Sun

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2. “She has zero skills but she climbed her way up with her face and by pulling that.” – No Da Bi

3. “I don’t know art but I do know value.” – Gi Mo Ran

4. “Team? In the eyes of our company, we’re nothing but worn-out machines.” – Woo Hyun

5. “I had a shine? I was special? How strange. It that’s how you thought of me, why did you never give me a chance?” – Woo Hyun

6. “Young people these days only focus on hitting it big, not surviving.” – Gi Mo Ran

7. “Power struggles are common at meetings.” – Woo Hyun

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8. “The competition is fierce. There is only one available but many takers.” – Sang Chan

9. “If you look at people’s social media, no one is miserable.” – Ms Oh

10. “This isn’t just money. It’s something no one should touch or mistreat. But you’re coveting it right now.” – Woo Hyun

11. “Even if you have to take a few steps back, swallow your pride and stay there. In life, some things are more important than your pride.” – Gaon Homeshopping

13. Look at you. You are still shining but your resentment is overshadowing it. That’s your problem.” – Gi Mo Ran

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