5 Insights Terbaik Tentang Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”

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Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One
Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Salah satu drama korea yang banyak mendapatkan atensi dari bulan Februari sampai dengan akhir Maret adalah Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Bagaimana tidak, drama ini mendapatkan ulasan yang baik dan bahkan selalu trending di setiap episodenya di twitter.

Banyak pengalaman dan wawasan yang di dapatkan setiap menonton episode per episode di drama ini. Seperti kali ini, Bapermulu.com akan mengulas 5 Insights Terbaik Tentang Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One”.

1. Hubungan membawa lebih banyak kesenangan daripada harta benda.

Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One
Cinta dan Persahabatan di Drakor “Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Faktanya, ketika menjalin cinta atau persahabatan. Kadang kita lebih mementingkan perasaan dan rasa bersyukur ketika bersamanya. Dibandingkan hanya berbicara masalah harta benda saja. Karena dengan cinta dan sahabat, hidup ini lebih bahagia.

Berikut quotenya yang di sadur dari berbagai artikel.

“Neither money nor a medal could give me this kind of happiness.” – Ko Yurim

“Every moment that we spent together made me happy.” – Na Heedo

“I was so lonely and struggling. You were always the one to comfort me.” – Ko Yurim

“When I’m with you, it feels like everything is going to be fine.” – Ko Yurim

“How can I remove my family? My family is my everything.” – Ko Yurim

“You put a smile on my face.” – Baek Yijin

“Remember, not many people win a gold medal in their life. I respect you, not as your dad, but as a person. Your mom and I are already so proud of you.” – Yurim’s father

2. Cinta jauh melebihi kesulitan hidup.

Carilah Cinta Yang Tidak Hanya Membuat Hidupmu Berwarna
Carilah Cinta Yang Tidak Hanya Membuat Hidupmu Berwarna

Even if all you can give me is misery, I’m up for it. I’m fine as long as we’re in it together.” – Jiwoong

“You both sacrificed your entire lives for me. Now it is simply my turn to make that sacrifice.” – Ko Yurim

“When your mom hugged me, all of the hurt and sadness melted away.” – Na Heedo

“You’re a family. How could you be a burden?” – Yijin’s uncle

“I’ll reunite our family. I’ll bring us together.” – Baek Yijin

3. Cinta melihat melampaui ketidaksempurnaan.

“I don’t understand you. I simply accept you.” – Baek Yijin

“Whatever you do, or no matter what you look like, I’m in love with you for who you are.” – Baek Yijin

4. Cinta mencari kebaikan tertinggi bagi orang lain.

Seindah Apapun Awalnya Cinta
Seindah Apapun Awalnya Cinta

“I don’t fight for myself in team matches. I fight for us. Us, the people I love.” – Na Heedo

“I want to stay by your side and watch you grow into a great person.” – Baek Yijin

“As your dad, I don’t want my daughter to live with such a heavy burden.” – Yurim’s father

“You should also meet someone like that. Someone that inspires you to improve just by being together.” – Yijin’s mom

“Why do you root for me? Even my mom doesn’t.” – Na Heedo

“Because you give me hope. And I want more for you. And it makes me want to do well, too.” – Baek Yijin

“Even if we’re not together, let’s get back up together. I’ll be your strength to help you back up again.” – Na Heedo

5. Tidak ada yang bertahan selamanya. Orang datang dan pergi.

“Heedo, let’s put a distance between us. We were capable of anything. So let’s try this as well.” – Baek Yijin

“Nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary. They all flow away. And that’s not always a bad thing.” – Mrs. Kim

“The only thing I believe that will be constant in this world is gravity. I don’t believe in anything to stay the same forever. Because believing in something like that sets expectations for how things should turn out. However, gravity is constant regardless of any expectations. That’s why I can believe only in gravity.” – Baek Yijin

“Even though we get it, we’ll end up losing it eventually. Nothing lasts forever.” – Na Heedo

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