25 Quote Drakor Taxi Driver, Dari Tekad yang Membara Sampai Putus Asa

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Quote Drakor Taxi Driver
Quote Drakor Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver adalah drama Korea action yang memiliki kisah tentang Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) yang merupakan seorang lulusan akademi angkatan laut Korea Selatan. Setelah itu, ia pun melanjutkan kariernya sebagai anggota militer.

Sayang, hidup yang selama ini sudah tertata harus berubah setelah ibunya meninggal secara tragis. Nyawa ibu Do Ki tewas di tangan pembunuh berantai. Demi membalaskan dendam, Kim Do Ki pun memutuskan untuk menjadi seorang pengemudi taksi mewah. Ia bekerja di bawah perusahaan Rainbow Taxi.

Rainbow Taxi sendiri bukanlah sebuah perusahaan taksi biasa. Perusahaan ini menyediakan taksi mewah untuk orang-orang yang ingin balas dendam pada penjahat.

25 Quote Drakor Taxi Driver, Dari Tekad yang Membara Sampai Putus Asa

  1.  “Do you know why your mother passed away? Because of that crazy murderer? No. It’s because this society cultivated a monster like him with cheap mercy.” – Mr. Jang
  2. “I won’t succumb to evil and use my own methods to win. I’ll collect all the garbage around us and quarantine them from the rest of the world forever. I’m going to reform them.” – Mr. Jan
  3. “When I tried to get help, their bullying became even worse.” – Park Jungmi
  4. “In this case, the victim and the perpetrators are all minors. However, their youth does not make the weight of their crimes any lighter.” – Mr. Jang
  5. “My daughter is no longer with us but those scumbags will live just fine as if nothing ever happened. How is this fair?” – Hojung’s mom
  6. “They all disappeared without a trace. Even when they run away, they always leave behind a trace.” – Prosecutor Kang
  7. “Whenever you feel you can’t understand why this is happening and get so angry that you want to cry, just think about all the kids that you bullied. That’s exactly how you made them feel.” – Kim Doki
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Drakor Taxi Driver, Dari Tekad yang Membara Sampai Putus Asa

8. “When drums beat, laws are silent. In a reality where the law is far and power is close, asking a victim who’s in trouble to wait until the law comes to resolve their problem lacks logic.” – Prosecutor Kang

9. “No matter how you put it, you’re no different than the criminals you despise.” – Prosecutor Kang

10. “That is why people like me scoff at the law. Although you have a sure suspect and the circumstances are clear, we know that without evidence, you can’t catch us.” – Kim Doki

11. “That’s because we don’t want anyone to be wrongfully accused. Even if that means letting go of 100 criminals.” – Prosecutor Kang

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12. “Then what about those who got hurt by those 100 criminals?” – Kim Doki

13. “If the world is full of people like you, it would become a lawless world.” – Prosecutor Kang

14. “Isn’t it already a lawless world? That’s why there are people like me.” – Kim Doki

15. “I like the law. Especially, innocent until proven guilty. Even if we lose 100 guilty criminals, we must not punish a single innocent person.” – Mr. Wang

16. “Why do you like that?” – Prosecutor Kang

17. “Because it’s humane.” – Mr. Wang

18. “Did he die while bringing justice? While he was catching a bad guy? He died doing a good deed so he’ll meet much better parents in his next life and live comfortably.” – Mr. Wang’s family

19. “If my way doesn’t work, I’ll go with your way. Get revenge.” – Prosecutor Kang

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20. “You’re someone who puts the victims first. I will show you how the law will convict someone with a sentence that everyone can accept.” – Prosecutor Kang

Quote Drakor Taxi Driver Tentang Kehidupan dan Kemanusiaan.

21.“Only those who have been through the pain you’re going through know what it’s like. Those who never had to suffer don’t even care.” – Mr. Jang

22. “I wonder if they know how I feel. If they knew, they couldn’t do this. I want them to exactly feel what I’m feeling. To see how miserable it is.” – Park Jungmin

23. “To some, this could be a trivial story from their school days, but for others, it may be a matter of life or death.” – Mr. Jang

24. “You see, people like us can’t give up on life just because we want to. Do you know why? Because of our beloved families.” – Mr. Jang

25. “You’ll learn many things in life but never forget this. There’s no such thing as a free taxi ride. Especially deluxe taxis.” – Kim Doki

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